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Welcome to S.S.T. Pack Co., Ltd.

At S.S.T. Pack Co., Ltd, we keep it simple and economical. Since we are the professional in design and manufacturing of plastic containers for various industries such as plastic food container, electronic components container, pharmaceutical and medical container, agricultural trays, etc., We are providing you the consultant for specific design in order to meet all your needs.

We are an experienced team with more than 20 years in the plastic containers business so, you can rely on our years of engineering experience to provide a package that both looks good and functions well.

 We have been invited new modern machinery to produce a comprehensive service that meets the international standards. We monitor and control our product quality in every step thus, we currently supply to customers both domestically and abroad.

We are pleased to provide consulting and packaging services to you, to increase your product value and enhance your competitiveness amid today's competitive market.

Company Name: S.S.T. Pack Co., Ltd.
Address: 8, 8/1 Soi. Ekkachai 74, Ekkachai Rd., Bangbon, Bangkok, Thailand 10150
Phone: 02-451-2612
Fax: 02-451-2613
Email: info@sstpack.com

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