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Products: Vacuum Forming | Blister Pack | Clam Shell | Slide Pack

All products are tested for clarity, wall thickness, hinge strength, and "open and closeability”

1. Vacuum Forming

  • Plastic vacuum forming.
  • Having team of professionals who can counsel you comprehensively started from design, molding and forming, until we get plastic containers that serve all your needs.
  • Always using high quality plastic.
  • Good hygiene management system with clean and dust free room. Thus, you can be assured about the sanitary of our products.
  • Providing various types of plastic such as PVC, PET, PS and PP.
  • Examples of products that use Vacuum Forming are such as fresh food, ready food , fruit and vegetables, bakery, medicine, electrical parts, tray for agriculture and so on.

2. Blister Pack

Blister Pack starts with a plastic vacuum forming suiting the characteristics of each product, then bring the heat to seal plastic around the edge to the paper.

  • Using high quality plastic which enables the perfectly articulate.
  • Preserve and enhance the beauty of your product.
  • Suitable for light weight items. For heavier items, one should consider using plastic clam shells.
  • Examples of products that use Blister Pack are such as keys, correcting fluid, two page glue, various types of tools, etc.

3. Clam Shell

All products are tested for clarity, wall thickness, hinge strength, and "open and closeability. Using vacuum forming to form plastic as the shape of your product in an articulate manner.

  • Perfect for merchandising items that benefit from being seen from many angles by the customer.
  • Designed for hanging on a peg wall, standing it on a shelf, or sitting it in a display
  • Charming appearance and durability.

4. Slide Pack

The implementation of forming PVC by vacuum which can be designed in various types, then fold 3 edges with heat and insert card to pack your product inside. Able to tell the details of the product at the back of the card.

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